Marine Systems, Inc.

We are a manufacturer of unique HVAC products for fine yachts, mobile vehicles, refrigerated display fixtures, upscale homes, commercial buildings and any application where common is not good enough.

In 1977 we were actively involved with the installation of air conditioning and heating systems in yachts.
The need for an attractive grille to compliment beautiful yacht interiors prompted us to begin manufacturing our wood-framed grilles. Since that time we have greatly expanded our wood-framed grilles and created our exclusive and functional plastic-framed grilles. To give you even more unlimited choices for grilles we are now building quality aluminum grilles.

Three great grille lines need an efficient delivery system to connect them to the source. From the early days when we were the first to form plastic duct rings we are now THE place where new innovated connections are created.

We are a company that listens to our customers and we listened when a boat builder wanted a quiet bathroom fan. We mated quiet fans to our inventive plastic-framed grilles to solve that problem and call them QuietVent. They are used to solve many other problems including windshield defrosting and heat extraction to name a couple. Another boat builder needed a product to replace a retiring commercial air freshener and we call it QuietScent. Use our QuietVent to remove unwanted scents and QuietScent to add pleasing ones.

Our mission is to continue to provide our customers with the air control products that they want, built with the quality they deserve and delivered to them on time.
Air Control Since 1977
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